Placelogix’s zip-level contextual data helps companies understand how local factors impact their business metrics. These critical insights help companies develop smarter strategies resulting in more revenues and profits. By leveraging the incredible power of zip-level contextual data companies can target and acquire customers more profitably, reduce risk and losses, build better analytical models, and gain significant competitive advantages.

Context drives behavior. Consumers’ income and spending potential depends on where they live. Local factors determine their decisions and behavior. This is why every bit of local contextual data must be used by companies to achieve superior decisions and profitable outcomes. Those who don’t use local data will be missing out on incredible insights, would be leaving money on the table, and helping their competition get ahead.



Placelogix’s ZIPnomics is the industry’s most extensive and comprehensive zip-level contextual database and it consists of over 3000 variables per ZIP and includes many proprietary ZIP-level indices. The database has a wealth of data about local economy, housing, demographics, transportation, education, healthcare, employment, industry, etc., that are directly or indirectly are related to consumer characteristics, behavior and economic activity. Placelogix data is gathered and curated from hundreds of public and sources and offered as model-ready datasets in batches or through custom APIs.

We are all products of our environments. Locational characteristics define us, shape us and propel us to behave in ways that would be different from people living in locations different from ours. How we live, earn, spend and repay depends not only on who we are but also on the ZIP code we call our home. And since ZIP level variables or features are a reflection of people and businesses based there, companies that use zip-level contextual data to make strategies will have significant advantages over their competition.


Location, Location, Location. It’s a powerful driver.

Location matters, and locational variations affect every business. However, and unfortunately, 9 out of 10 companies do not use local data adequately and hence are missing out on a wealth of valuable and profitable insights. Businesses can simply combine their KPIs and business metrics with ZIPnomics hyperlocal contextual data and find useful and profitable patterns, correlations and relationships that will allow them to understand how local factors impact their business and how to benefit from these insights.

Context provides powerful insights. By better understanding the impact and value of the zip-level contextual data, businesses can make smarter decisions and increase revenues and profitability.


Knowing the context in which your business operates is important

Context determines outcomes. Contextual data can help you analyze the environment in which your organization operates. After all, people live, learn, work, earn, buy, and spend locally. That’s why ZIPnomics contextual data offers crucial insights into consumer behavior and trends that can be applied to develop unique strategies to guide your business towards success.

As an executive, you know that your company’s metrics and KPIs from different zip codes are different, sometimes vastly. By understanding which local features maximize your revenues, and which don’t, you can increase revenues by targeting customers in ZIP codes that are clustered based on similarity of attributes.


Contextual data vs. Consumer scores

While the industry is obsessed and over-reliant on a variety of consumer scores, it has generally ignored local data or uses it lightly, and hence has deprived itself of the power and benefits of local, contextual data. This is because vast quantities of reliable, model-ready contextual data was not available. But with ZIPnomics this is no longer the case. With the availability of over 3200 variables per ZIP code for over 30,000 ZIP codes in the country, now every company that has business operations beyond a single ZIP code can leverage the power of contextual data from ZIPnomics and add new insights to their existing models.

Convert Data into Insights, then into Profits

Get ZIPnomics and get readily usable data points for easier decision making. ZIPnomics database includes many proprietary ZIP indices created from billions of data points and these can be readily used – no modeling required – by businesses to understand how local data impacts their KPIs and performance. Our most popular ZIP indices are the Local Economic Health Index, Job Conditions Index, Unemployment Index, Ability To Pay Index, Consumer Debt Collectability Index, and the Walkability Index.

ZIPNOMICS Category Unique Variables per ZIP
Age and Sex 94
Household Income 52
Employment 156
Financial characteristics 169
Housing 114
Native And Foreign-Born Populations 685
Geographic Mobility 275
Commuting 153
Transportation 384
Poverty Status 168
Marital Status 174
School Enrollment 146
Education 303
Occupation 180
Industry 135
Business Statistics 5
Health Insurance 235
Placelogix Indices 10
Total 3438



A comprehensive local database that offers hyperlocal contextual data of Over 3000 Variables per ZIP, ZIPnomics is the brainchild of Placelogix’s team. This database is the industry’s most wide-ranging and inclusive ZIP level data consisting of over 3000 variables per ZIP code about local economy, housing, business statistics, industry, mobility, commuting, transportation, demographics, transportation, education, healthcare, marital status, financial characteristics as well as the data on natives and immigrants etc.


Target, acquire and manage customers quickly, effectively and profitably

The core idea of ZIPnomics is to help you gain unique customer insights like no other. In today’s day and age, customer insights are changing rapidly. From the influence of social media to the power of marketing, swaying customers into buying one product over another has become easier than ever. At Placelogix, we believe that retaining existing customers, building brand loyalty and targeting new markets should be at the top of the list of your priorities.

By identifying unique variables related to the customers you seek to bring onboard, ZIPnomics insights help you carve strategies that can be used to attract a wider audience. The wide array of categories which are available within the system can be used to develop correlations and understand the level of significance they possess with reference to customer decision making. The availability of such information is imperative towards driving business success and letting go of redundant strategies in favour of more innovative ideas.


Track, predict, and improve metrics by adding ZIPnomics to your models and scores.

For businesses that are already familiar with the use of data to drive business strategies and decision making but are looking to add value to what they already know, ZIPnomics provides the perfect solution. The categories and variables that are available with the bundle can be used in alignment with the predicition models and scores that you have already established for your organization. By integrating additional data into these models you can open a door to new insights and information that was previously under the shadows. You will be amazed at how the introduction of a few variables can shape the direction of your organizational strategy. ZIPnomics is here to help you identify the directions that your organization is yet to unravel.

Predict and manage risk effectively for customers by layering ZIPnomics contextual data.

Create the perfect risk mitigation models using the ZIPnomics contextual data. At Placelogix, we recognize that the complete elimination of risks is not possible, however, alleviation most definitely is. In an unpredictable market setting, we want our clients to be prepared before weathering market storms that are brought in by economic, social and technological factors. The contextual data offered by our platform helps you look at the big picture rather that is created by the interaction of smaller elements of business activity. By foreseeing how various variables are expected to impact and shape the future of your business in coming months or even years, you can better equip your business to deal with the onset of such issues than other organizations in the market. ZIPnomics is a comprehensive package for businesses that are aiming to thrive in high risk industries which are drastically impacted by economic, social, environmental, technological and political factors.

Understand how local data correlates with your KPIs – revenues, profitability, retention, etc., by using ZIPnomics data and improve decisions.

Benchmarking your organization’s practices against the best of the best in the industry is a rather common practice. However, companies often fail to understand that generic KPIs are not serving their purpose. ZIPnomics allows organizations to understand the efficacy of their current KPIs by establishing a correlation with hyperlocal data variables and engage in decision making accordingly. Integrating the expertise of ZIPnomics into your business model can allow you understand the direction in which you should drive organisational KPIs which is crucial in the market of today.


  • Acquire crucial customer insights using hyperlocal information by understanding how your audience spends, lives, earns, buys, learns and works
  • ZIPnomics data has been carefully developed through the use of thousands of private and public sources which enhances its reliability, accuracy and completeness for business use
  • Placelogix adheres to strict data governance practices to make sure that the information provided to customers is secure
  • A comprehensive and extensive DaaS allows clients to save data maintenance costs that are incurred in the case of managing self-contained repositories
  • Curated and excel-ready information which is readily usable depending upon client needs
  • A plethora of indices to extract information from including the Local Economic Health Index, Job Conditions Index, Unemployment Index, Ability To Pay Index, Consumer Debt Collectability Index, and the Walkability Index
  • Guide your company’s strategic decision making and future direction by making the competition irrelevant and acquiring an insight into the market insights and dynamics of the future



Placelogix was born from the idea that while data is king, context is what makes any data relevant and useful, so we embarked upon a mission to create the industry’s most amazing hyperlocal, contextual database. And we set ourselves a goal to democratize the access to local contextual data to all companies irrespective of their size and industry, because every company can benefit from contextual local data.

We are data scientists – everyone at Placelogix has a master’s degree in quant or finance (MS, MBA or PhD) from one of the top universities, and some of us have nearly 30 years of experience in data intensive roles – such as, consumer analytics and predictive modeling, forecasting and analysis – with some of the top companies, and we all share the vision and belief that good contextual data can be incredibly valuable. We realized that companies are not leveraging the power of local contextual data simply because it was really hard to find usable and meaningful local data, so we decided to build it ourselves. And, it has not been an easy journey. We have spent the equivalent of hundreds of man-years, have cycled through iterations upon iterations – some unsuccessful – but we learned from them, have endured slow and painful data labor work, and with sheer determination and hard work we have finally succeeded in gathering and curating an impressive list of over 3200 variables per ZIP code for all ZIP codes in the USA.





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